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If The Worlds Total Physical Currency ($ 36.8 Trillion (Approx.)), We Distribute Among World Total Population (Approx.) 772 Crores, How Much Money You Will Get?

1 Trillion = 1,00,000 Crores

$ 36.8 Trillion (Approx.) : $ 36,80,0000 Crores

If Distribute With Equal Amount:


: 36,80,000/772 = $ 4767/Person

If We Calculate In Indian Currency Than :

Consider 1$ = 70 INR.

4767*70 : 3,33,690/- INR

This Calculation, We Haven’t Count The Money Which Is Invested, In Terms Of Assets, Money In Bank, In Market And Much Other Investment Tools.

So, There Is A Question Rise Here, Why Each And Every Person Haven’t Equal Amount Of Money Or Assets. ?

There Are Lots Of Reason Behind It But, The Main Reason That Wise People Do And Fool People Don’t Do.



Currency Is Define As Any Form Of Money Which Is In Circulation In An Economy, By Which We Can Purchase Goods And Services in Exchange Of Money Which Regulated By Government Of Country.

So Basically Currency Is The Money, In The Form Of Paper, Coins, Plastic (Credit Card And Debit Card) And Now a Days Most Famous Digital Wallet (BHIM, PAYTM ETC….) Usually Issued By Government.

Now From Past Few Years, There Is New Currency Entered Vocabulary, The Virtual Or CryptoCurrency.

The Virtual Currency “BITCOIN” has No Physical Existence, Not Regulated By Government. It Is Stored In Electronic Form.

For Different Country Different Currencies In Circulation, For India, There Are Indian Rupees (INR) ₹ Which Is Regulated By Reserve Bank Of India (RBI).

Some Countries Accept The US Dollar As Legel Tender In Addition To Their Own Currencies.

According To Countries Of The

Totally, There Are 164 Official National Currencies Circulated Around The World.

Although The Number Of The Independent Countries Is 197 Plus About Five Dozen Of Dependent Territories.

The Matter Is That Some Of Them Don’t Have Thier Own Currency And Officially Use The Foreign Currency

Many Country Have Their Own Currency But Some Country Using Dollar As their Currnecy Because Dollar Is The Universal Currency.


Money Has Been a Part Of Human History For Almost 3,000 Years, From Barter System To Crypto Currencies.

Before Currency As A Medium Of Exchange, Trading Of Good and Services by Barter System Where Goods Were Exchanged For Each Other.

For Example, A Farmer With has Wheat Grown In His Farmland Exchange With Cotton, Grown By Another Farmer.

The First Known Currency Was Created By King Alyattes In Lydia, Now Part Of Turkey In 600 BC. The First Coin Ever Minted Features A Roaring Lion.

The Infographic Below Show How Money Developed

The Infographic Was Created By Barter Trading Exchange Bartercard


Currency Serves Important Role In Economy.

It Acts As A Medium Of Exchange, A Store Of Value And A Standard Value.

The Price Of One Currency In Terms Of Other Currency, Helps To Determines The Nations Economics Health.

By Knowing Fundamental Of Forex And Forex Exchange You Can Earn More Money By Trading In Forex.

There Is Great Opportunity For The Sock Market Trader To Diversify Their Portfolio By Trading In Forex.

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