In Coming Days My One Of The Best Season Start, And I hope You Also Love It, So You Understand What I am Means. 


             I Hope Everyone Had Been Enjoyed The Hottest Summer, Now Its Time To Welcome A Beautiful Monsoon Season.

            But Before Welcome It, You Must Be Finished Your Home Work First (Complete Your Preparation Before Monsoon) If Your Answer Is No Than Don’t Worry, We Together Complete It Before Arrival Of Monsoon.


           What About Your Kids They Have Also Starting Of School, So Now Its Time To Finish Preparation For Them Also. 

            Yes, Obviously Monsoon Is the Beautiful Season But it Comes With Lots Of Challenges, From Getting Wet When You Least expect to have soaked and ruined shoes because of the gross muddiness the roads will be filled with.

            Since You Can’t Pray That The Rains Don’t Come, Because It’s Actually Need To Calm The Burning Rays From Sun And Also For The Agriculture And Other Related Factor Which Affect Due To Rain.


  • Being A Job Person You Can’t Skip Your Job As its Rain Outside.
  • You Can’t Go Outside And Doing Your Daily Routine Work, Why Because of Afraid Of Being Wet.
  • You Can’t Skip Your Child School.
  • Even You Can’t Live at Home With Wet Cloth Smell.

        So Above Are The Daily Routine Problem During Rainy Season That You Can Not Avoid.             

        As Earlier Said You Can’t Avoid Some Circumstances But You Must be Prepared For That, So You Can Reduce The Problem By Having All The Regular Used Products On Daily Basis, Which Must Be Necessary For The Rainy Season. 

         Below Are The Products Which You Can Use During Rainy Season.


          When It Rains, Some People Do Not Find It Convenient To Walk With An Umbrella While Others, Who Walk With It Tend To Forget It In The Train, Bus Or Anywhere They Put It.

          Mostly People Forget Umbrella At Their Work Place Because, After Working Hours In The Office, They Are In Hurry To Reach Home Before Rain Start Again.

          This Is Everybody’s Delight And A Must Have Product For Every Family When Its Monsoon. 

           Umbrellas Are Designed Primarily To Protect You And Your Family FromThe Direct Rays From Sun And Rains, But During Rainy Days The Wind Can Alter How Well They Perform.

Keep Few Things In Mind While Buying Umbrella 

  • The First Things That You Keep In Your Mind Is Size, The Larger The Size, It’s Better To Protect You And Your Family Together.   
  • The Second Things Come in Mind Is Quality. Obviously, We Can’t Compromised With it. So It Must Be Sustain Against Heavy Wind Flow During Rain.
  • Are You Thinking About Small Siza Umbrella? Yes, Of course, You Can Go For It But When Its Sprinkling or Drizzling Outside? But During Heavy Downpours, It Will Leave You Open And Wet. So Larger The Umbrella More Shaded You Will Get.
  • If You Think About Your Little One Than You Can Go For Fancy And Cartoon Series Umbrella But Don’t Compromise With Safety And Quality.   
  • Whatever Your Choice, Buy Based On Rain Protection, Ease Of Transport And Durability Of Use, Handle Shape And Style.  



                   Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

 If You Don’t Love To Go Out During Rainy Season With Umbrella, Than Don’t Worry You Can Go For Raincoat, It’s Easy To Wear As Coat.

         It’s More Comfortable To Wear During Rainy Season, Especially When You Are Going Out For Work And You Have Important Meeting Or Conference During Rain.

         They Are Designed to Keep You And Your Family Dry And Most Are Treated With Waterproof Agents To Make Them Happen.

         Even You Can Prefer To Your Kids Wear Raincoat As Its Safe And Convenient For Them Because They Can’t Handle Umbrella During Heavy Downpours And Even They Enjoy To Play In The Rain. 

         Meanwhile, Traders, Street Vendor, Tricycle Raiders, Field Employee, Transport Driver Prefer To Wear Raincoat As It’s Similar To As Dress, And It’s Making Them Walk Freely in Carrying Out Their Daily Activities. 

         If You Are An Employer Than You can Give Your Employee Raincoat As A Dress Code During Rainy Season And Also You Can Promote Your Brand With Your Company Logo On It.

Keep Few Things In Mind While Buying Raincoat

  • If Buying Raincoat For Yourself Or Your Children, Go For Ones From Liable Brand And Good Quality Of Materials.
  • Buy Raincoat Which Is Easily Wearable Not So Much Unnecessary Chain In It, Even They Must Be Fit With Your Body Not TIght Fit.
  • Choose Raincoat With Bright Colour like Red, Yellow And So On, So You Can Easily Visible.
  • Used High-Quality Fabrics Raincoat, Don’t Go For Cheap Quality Plastics they Can Easily Rip Up. 



        After Protecting Your Self From Rain By Bringing Umbrella And Wearing Raincoat.

        Are You Protecting Your Most Used Gadget in Your Life…..Ohhhh Yes, My Friend, You Are Thinking Right That’s Your Phone Uppppss… Sorry, Its Your Smartphone Or iPhone.

        It’s Equally Most Important To Protect Your Smartphone While Rainy Season. If Your Smartphone Gets Wet Than It Will Dead And All Important Data And Memory Lost.

        Whether You Like Or Not, It Is Best to Safeguard Your Smartphone With Waterproof Mobile Cover. After All, You have Spent Fortune on Buying Your Smartphone.

Keep Few Things In Mind While Buying Waterproof Mobile Cover

  • It Must Be A Watertight (Means Total Protection Against Rain)
  • It Has Tactile Efficiency (You Can Still Use Touch Screen On Your Smartphone.
  • As Many Times You take Out Your Smartphone From Cover Means, Its Must-Have Easy Opening And Closing Of Cover.
  • Cover Must Be With Floated Technology So When You Are Boating Or Fishing Suddenly Your Phone Slips From Your Hand And Drop Into The Water Instead Of Going Down It Must Be Floated On Surface.
  • Compatibility With Your Smartphone Model And Size And Easy To Use During Holding In Hands.



         Your Luggage Also As Important As Your Smartphone Because You Have Some Important Accessories In Your Bags Which Are Priceless, So It Also Important To Protect Them.

          Waterproofs Bags or Dry Bags Protect Your Valuable Accessories or Luggage From Getting Wet.

Keep Few Things In Mind While Buying Waterproof Bags

  • If Your Bag Is Labeled Waterproof, That Means You Completely Submerge the Bags in a Body of Water Without Letting Moisture Inside.
  • It Must Be Goes Beyond a Rainstorm And Optimize For Extreme Conditions.
  • Must Be Made Of HIgh-Quality Waterproof Fabrics So Water 
  • Don’t Buy Bags With Stitched Hole In It, It Not Waterproof Because of Stitched Hole Water Can Enter The Bags.  
  • Your Bags Must Be Travel-Friendly.
  • You Must Check Zippers and Fabrics During Buying Waterproof Bags.




                  Image by Markus Distelrath from Pixabay

  Making the right footwear choice is Imperative in the Monsoons. “Choose footwear that is Sleek, Waterproof and Safe. The Mantra Is Easy to wear, easy to remove and easy to dry,” outlines footwear designer Neelam Prasad

         Payal Bathija, COO, Heel & Buckle Pvt. Ltd., Says That While buying footwear for the monsoon season, you need to make sure that your footwear selection has a good grip.

         Avoid high heels, as they could lead you to slip and fall. Avoid Leather Shoes As Possible As It Tends To Spoil If Your Shoes Get Wet, Also Leather Has Tendency To Support To Growth Of Fungus And Bacteria When Wet, Making It Uncomfortable Choice For Monsoon. 

Keep Few Things In Mind While Buying Monsoon Friendly FootWear

  • Choose Shoes With High Grip During Walking On Slippery Area
  • While Choosing Your Shoes You Must Keep Material In Mind, Choose Water Resistance And Easy To Dry Material Such As Synthetic Leather,  Gortex, Rubber And Plastic Material.
  • If You Are Business Person Than You Can Go For Cordovan Leather.
  • If You are Farmers Or Working In Some Muddy Area Than You Must Be go For Boots, Synthetic Rubber Boots Keep Your Feet Dry And Safe. 
  • The Absolute Best Rain Boots For Kids Keep tiny Feet Dry, Cozy, And Slip Free No Matter How High They Stomp. 
  • For Ladies A Pairs Of Flip FLop As They, Easy To Maintain And Dry Easily. It Is Important To Pick Gladiators Low Heels With Ankle Strap Details To Ensure That Your Feet Has The Required Grip to Brave THe Messy Puddles And Slippery Pavement.


I Hope You Follow Above Some Buying Tips While Purchasing Rainy Products.



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